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Welcome to COSMO - IELTS Coaching Specialists.

Best IELTS Coaching Centre Trivandrum Kerala

COSMO is the ONLY IELTS Trivandrum Coaching Centre, Kerala to teach the techniques that guarantees 7+ in IELTS Tests. Our specialities are:

Pattern-Based Writing Techniques

Method-Based Speaking Techniques

Being the best IELTS Training Institution in Trivandrum, Kerala for IELTS training comes naturally to us @ COSMO as our golden rule is to engender simplicity in our IELTS teaching methods. Whether it is UKVI-IELTS or ordinary IELTS, there is no training centre or academy in Trivandrum or Kerala, India  to beat the training techniques that we proffer for our students.

We simplify IELTS like no one else does.

We live in a world where every little aspect of the same is getting increasingly complicated. Our mind, on the other hand, is wired to seek patterns and pines for simplicity so that we can make sense of life and generally be in control of life rather than be in fear of whatever in store. We recognise that predicament people face and endeavour to simplify hard concepts, in every field we set our eyes upon, be it IELTS Coaching or Spoken English Training or Nursing Training exams like HAAD, MOH, DHA and Prometric.

IELTS Training Institute Trivandrum

We lower the bar for our IELTS students and raise it for our competitors i.e other IELTS coaching centres. Before any other IELTS training institution in Trivandrum (or Kerala) could even  think of matching our level (of course, by copying us), we raise our standards so much that even dreaming about our coaching levels becomes next only to impossibility.

cosmo ielts coaching centre training academy trivandrum

Our IELTS coaching classes are conducted only by UK/Australian/US faculty, thereby guaranteeing exceptional coaching standards.  The weekly mock tests in reading, writing, speaking and writing modules would take the edge off your exam fears and leave you relaxed on the exam day. As an additional service, we provide free spoken English classes for those students registering for our regular two-and-a-half-months IELTS course at our Trivandrum Centre. What’s more, being an IELTS exam registration centre, we ensure that our students get registered for the IELTS exam (British Council or IDP) in a city of their choice, on a test date that suits their convenience.

Why Choose COSMO IELTS Coaching Centre?

With the most number of IELTS 7+ results in Trivandrum, Kerala and India it is no wonder that our IELTS classes are most sought-after by aspirants from all over the country. With online coaching requests pouring in from all over Kerala ,India and from even countries like Philippines, it would not be long before we consider it favourably and take our technique-based IELTS training, the world over.

We Are Here

Simplicity is how we define ourselves. Simplicity in everything we do. Simplicity is all that matters.