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COSMO Centre has gained a reputation of being the best IELTS training institute and coaching centre in Trivandrum, Kerala. We have made IELTS examination as simple as a piece of cake. We are set apart from the rest of the IELTS coaching centres in Trivandrum in the way we approach all things deemed complex, be it Speaking, Writing, Reading or Listening. Hence it’s no surprise that the enviable distinction of having the most number of IELTS 7+ results in Trivandrum, Kerala and India has been achieved by COSMO for the last many years.

We deconstruct complexity and provide it to you in a way you never thought possible. As a tribute to our efficacy, many IELTS Institutions in Trivandrum city and Kerala, India have employed faculty members who got trained by us. It is no coincidence that IELTS students from all over Kerala and India hail COSMO as the best training centre in India for the techniques that we teach.

IELTS Training Tips and Tricks

Not every IELTS coaching centre in Trivandrum or Kerala has the wherewithal to teach you the tricks and techniques that you require to crack IELTS. A liberal dose of creativity and profound knowledge of the language is essential to manipulate the system to your advantage and we supply that in a nutshell to our IELTS students. Consequently, IELTS test is made simple for you, whatever your time-frame is. It is not uncommon to find students from different parts of Kerala choose COSMO as their preferred IELTS coaching centre not just for the amazing style of teaching but also the wide range of IELTS materials and notes that is impossible to get in any other coaching centre across Kerala. If you are after the best IELTS training institute in Kerala (India), then you can’t go wrong, if you choose COSMO.

We are hailed as the most favourite IELTS coaching center in Trivandrum by students and trainers alike for the simple fact that we believe simplification of IELTS training is a must, so that even weak students could confidently straddle the test and the better ones could achieve a perfect score with élan. With the right attitude, we can put you on course to a great IELTS 7+ score and hence a happy life thereafter.

IELTS Training in Trivandrum -Learn from the Experts

In a time when even travel agents in Kerala couch themselves as IELTS trainers, finding the best IELTS coaching institution is like a job half-done. Hence, half your effort to score a high band of 7+ in IELTS should be invested in zeroing in on the right training centre/academy to train. We at COSMO IELTS Centre in Trivandrum, train you to take on the mighty IELTS Goliath confidently, with our simple but effective techniques, just like the Biblical David had his.


Simplicity is how we define ourselves. Simplicity in everything we do. Simplicity is all that matters.

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