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COSMO IELTS and OET online training courses are carefully structured and specifically designed to help you crack your IELTS and OET exams most easily.

Benefit from our effective online IELTS techniques which has saved many students teetering on the brink of dropping their pursuit of IELTS altogether.The online IELTS coaching provided by COSMO IELTS -Trivandrum is student- friendly and is conducted through Skype , whatsapp, IMO and other tools which are convenient to the students. The techniques like Pattern - Based Writing and Method- Based Speaking techniques are pioneered by COSMO and no other IELTS online provider or IELTS institution in India can boast of such strategies.

Best IELTS Online Coaching in Kerala, India

Watch a classroom video of our unique IELTS techniques at

With friendly tutors to teach such high-brow content, success in IELTS shouldn't be too faraway for any aspirant. It's no coincidence that COSMO Online IELTS Academy is considered to be the best online IELTS coaching in Kerala and India. Our Online IELTS Training is flexible and most trusted as it comes with the hallmark of a COSMO guarantee.

We also provide you with free IELTS preparation materials which includes original and innovative content designed personally by a team of experts under the guidance of Prof. Allen at COSMO IELTS Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.Our Online IELTS training kit comes equipped with comprehensive IELTS coaching materials which would help students practise extensively and be well prepared for the IELTS exam.

Get trained by the best IELTS online training centre in Kerala and India and save your time, effort and energy preparing and writing IELTS ad nauseam, as we simplify IELTS beyond your expectation.

OET Online Training in Kerala, India

Enroll now for our Online OET Coaching program which has had student satisfaction rate which is unrivalled and unparalleled by any existing OET online service providers or OET institutions in Kerala or India.

With OET Online coaching requests pouring in from different parts of India( Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc) and the world ( Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Philipines and Africa), it would be prudent to book your place well in advance as we have a waiting list, especially during the peak period (from February to July).

Please call our friendly staff at COSMO IELTS and OET Preparation Centre @ 0471-4850212, Trivandrum who would guide you through the procedures.

Simplicity is how we define ourselves. Simplicity in everything we do. Simplicity is all that matters.

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