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India’s single-most influential player in the English Language Exam (IELTS & OET) business arena - COSMO Centre. With cutting edge techniques our forte, pathbreaking materials our vanguard and record- breaking results our mojo, as, we at Cosmo Centre, conquer new frontiers and forge ahead with indomitable energy at breakneck speed, don’t just sit out, but jump on to the COSMO bandwagon and break new grounds in language training.

So what are you waiting for? Take a franchise of COSMO, change the lives of many students and become the owner of a successful business enterprise in your city.

About Us

The fact that not many IELTS institutions have a proven and successful approach towards the IELTS training process stands out starkly for those aspiring students and professionals who wish to obtain a high IELTS score & fly abroad. Filling that void in India most ably, deeply, widely and convincingly over the last many years, we at COSMO provide simplified and technique-oriented exam training for not just for IELTS but also for OET, MOH, DHA, HAAD, Prometric and Spoken English courses.

Why Franchise?

Very few people have the natural ability to be efficient in all aspects of running a successful franchise business. Our successful business model offers a structure for launching, operating and growing a profitable business Pan-India.

With us, you would be advised most ably by the best-in-town sherpas of Team-COSMO and supported by our well-established and much sought-after brand COSMO. With our proven business expertise, you shall be safely guided through the confusing maze of the marketplace, shielded from the pitfalls of the trade and chaperoned by our tried and tested business methods that have made COSMO such a unique and successful business brand in India. Our experienced team with its unique techniques can show you why COSMO is the best business opportunity in India for budding entrepreneurs.

A COSMO franchise - the best franchise business in India with impressive returns on investment (ROI) - would unfailingly enhance your business skills and put you firmly and successfully on the road to a profitable business in your city. So why wait any longer? Take the business plunge and see the heights that COSMO can take you.

IELTS - Tremendous Business Potential in India

The business of English Language Training is booming like never before and, it would not only be prudent to become a linguapreneur, but also the most logical to do, considering the compelling past growth statistics of international language exams, that dot our mindscapes and the huge projected growth potential that various studies have made clear.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) reinforces its position as the world’s most popular high stakes English proficiency test, hitting a new record of more than 2.5 million test takers around the world in 2018 with 30% growth per annum. The latest figures marked the seventeenth year of continual growth in test numbers, with the number of tests taken tripling since 2005.

Demand for IELTS in India remains very impressive, with students taking the test for entry to educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand amongst many other destinations. You would be interested to know that IELTS has spread its wings far and wide with more and more countries demanding IELTS as requirement for anything related to education. In fact, IELTS has registered as significant increase in the number of test takers to wish to work and study in Gulf countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia et al. IELTS is now recognized by more than 7,000 organizations including educational institutions, employers, professional associations and governments, in 135 countries around the world.

What's in it for you - The cosmo franchisee

Here’s how you would benefit from owning a COSMO Franchise

We are Unique

COSMO is India’s ONLY institution to teach Pattern-Based and Method-Based Techniques. Since these techniques make IELTS as simple as a piece of cake, students flock to our centres to learn the same after watching our classroom videos and student testimonials.

pattern-based writing techniques

Formula based innovative writing strategy which enables you to apply the same pattern for hundreds of questions.

method-based speaking techniques

Structure based speaking methodology which assists you to give a standardised answer for innumerable questions.

Great training-great support

We provide excellent training and exclusive materials to maintain the high academic standards of COSMO, hands-on administration support and proven marketing strategies that have been successful and that which can make your business foray, a walk in the park.

OET for health professionals

Day by day, the demand for Indian nurses in developed countries is galloping ahead due to the aging nurses edging towards retirement, and the relatively unchanging number of nursing graduates in developed countries.

Indian nurses are required to pass OET (Occupational English Test) and the exam is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

With millions of nurses passing out of Indian colleges, their only possible way to make it big in this world, is to work in Western countries as a registered nurse, where the salary is 15-50 times more than what they can earn in India. With such alluring prospects, it is expected that atleast 35-45% (mind you, in actual numbers, it could be million plus OET test takers) of those passing out of Indian colleges shall take up OET exam which is considered to be easier that IELTS.

With millions of nurses expected to try their luck in OET, COSMO Centre is well placed to capitalise on the demand that is currently playing out and that which is likely to accentuate in the coming years. The number of institutions providing OET is less, so the fee is likely to be on the higher side for years to come.

In this gold rush, you would be on the safer side of history, if you are under the COSMO Centre umbrella, where you get protected from the vagaries of business and see your fortunes grow, as we could teach a thing or two about running a business enterprise and make it successful within a short time.

There are not many centres in India that have the OET expertise like we do. With in-house and exclusive OET materials designed and created by the expert OET team at COSMO Centre, your task is cut out as we erase the most primary difficulties that lies in your way. On top of it, we provide training at our corporate office based at Trivandrum, by expert faculty with inimitable knowledge and experience in this field.

From promotion to materials to training, we have got it all covered.
Come under the COSMO umbrella and join the big league that is only set to get even bigger.

why choose COSMO OET franchise

Here’s how you would benefit from owning a COSMO Franchise


We have plethora of exclusive, updated and focused study materials for each module


Training provided by our experienced trainers for your faculty to maintain COSMO level standards where we teach them to make the candidate successful in their exams

Add - Ons To Franchise

We Give You More - Infact, Much More Than Just a Training Franchise

  • Well-known Brand Name
  • Faculty Training Support
  • Complete IT Support
  • Commission for candidates to pursue their Higher Studies through COSMO Overseas Education
  • Extensive Content-material Support
  • Academic & Marketting Support
  • Technical & Administrative Support

Go.... Going.... Gone....!

If you wait too long, you run the risk of missing the COSMO franchise bus, as for every 20 km radius, we allot just one franchisee. It’s first come, first serve - so before fate leaves you high and dry, make the move and make a successful business, yours.

Remember it’s BRAND COSMO - Wouldn’t be on shelves for too long.

Be Savvy, Be Wise, Take a COSMO Franchise.

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