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We at COSMO Centre for OET/ IELTS Coaching in Trivandrum, Kochi & Kottayam, simplify hard concepts, in every field we set our eyes upon, be it IELTS/ PTE/ OET training in Kerala or Spoken English Class in Trivandrum or nursing exams like HAAD, MOH, DHA and Prometric in Trivandrum & Kochi, Kerala. Whether it is UKVI-IELTS or ordinary IELTS Coaching in Kerala, there is no IELTS training centre or Academy in Trivandrum or Ernakulam, India to beat the IELTS (Kerala) training techniques that we proffer for our students enrolled for IELTS Course in Trivandrum, Kochi or Kottayam, Kerala.

The Best IELTS Coaching Center, Trivandrum, Kochi & Kottayam

COSMO IELTS Training Academy Kerala, India

IELTS Trivandrum

Being the best IELTS Trivandrum institution in Kerala, IELTS training in Trivandrum comes naturally to us @ COSMO IELTS Coaching Centre in Trivandrum as our golden rule is to engender simplicity in our IELTS teaching methods. Whether it is UKVI-IELTS or ordinary IELTS Coaching in Trivandrum, there is no IELTS training centre or Academy in Trivandrum or Kerala, India to beat the IELTS Trivandrum training techniques that we proffer for our students enrolled for IELTS Course in Trivandrum, Kerala. Cosmo's IELTS Trivandrum coaching classes are conducted only by UK/Australian/US faculty, thereby guaranteeing exceptional IELTS coaching standards in Kerala. We provide free spoken English classes in Trivandrum for those students registering for our regular two-and-a-half-months IELTS course at our Trivandrum Centre. What’s more, being an IELTS exam registration centre in Trivandrum, we ensure that our students get registered for the IELTS exam (British Council or IDP) in a city of their choice, on a test date that suits their convenience. The IELTS exams in Kerala are conducted by British Council and IDP in Trivandrum, Kochi ( Ernakulam), Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur & Calicut ( Kozhikode). We offer an early morning 7-9 batch for those IELTS students from Technopark (Kazhakootam),who wish to attend the IELTS training in Trivandrum before they start work. For the current IELTS Exam Fee / IELTS coaching fee in Trivandrum / available IELTS Test Dates in Kerala / IELTS Exam registration or to know more about our IELTS Course fee in Trivandrum ( Classroom regular & Online IELTS Training in Kerala) , kindly contact our COSMO IELTS Trivandrum office @ 0471-4850212.

IELTS in Kottayam - COSMO Centre

COSMO is rated the best IELTS Kottayam training centre in Kerala, with it’s head office in Trivandrum, India. IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a test which is conducted to measure the English language skills of a candidate who is planning to work/study in an English speaking country.
Cosmo – a trusted IELTS coaching centre with 1000s of students with 7+ score – has started it’s IELTS Kottayam branch to cater to the demands of high-quality training for Central Travancore (Kottayam) based students.

IELTS Coaching in Ernakulam : COSMO Centre Kochi

COSMO IELTS Coaching Centre in Ernakulam( Kochi) is a place where your dream of 7 plus score in IELTS comes true. Having changed many lives over the years, it’s with pride that we accept the recognition of being the best IELTS coaching Centre in Ernakulam ( Kochi) Kerala - accorded to us, by none other than the students of our IELTS Course in Ernakulam and Kerala. Our IELTS Kochi trainers provide the fullest possible care and dedication to our students and it is no wonder that our IELTS coaching in Ernakulam is hailed as the best-in-class coaching by IELTS students, their parents and spouses alike in Ernakulam ( Kochi). IELTS Techniques-wise, there is not an IELTS training academy in Ernakulam(Kochi) or Kerala who can beat COSMO IELTS Coaching Centre, as the powerful Pattern- based Writing techniques and Method - based Speaking techniques are something to watch out for, as they have the power to transform your IELTS Kochi Writing essays and speaking performances to the hilt. If you have any doubt about the techniques we teach or its efficiecy, have a look at the IELTS Classroom Coaching ( Ernakulam) by our expert faculty in our YouTube channel ( Cosmo Centre) or watch the videos of our IELTS Kerala students who have passed the IELTS exams in Kerala after failing many times earlier and then joining COSMO IELTS Training Academy Ernakulam(Cochin), only to succeed the very first time. We have no doubt that these IELTS Coaching (Ernakulam) Videos would leave you with nothing but awe, thanks to the formidable IELTS Techniques. we have unleashed to conquer your IELTS fears.Join our IELTS training center in Ernakulam, Kerala and see your dream of working and living abroad become a reality.

IELTS Online Coaching in Kerala

We provide both Online and Classroom Regular coaching at COSMO IELTS & OET Training Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala ( India ). Our Online IELTS Training Class is loaded with strategies which have had very high success rates. COSMO Online IELTS Coaching is renowned the world over for its up- to-date content, masterful methodology and topped by top class delivery styles by our specialist IELTS tutors /trainers in Kerala & India. As a result,COSMO IELTS Online training in India has had success rates that is unparalleled in the IELTS coaching universe. Cosmo Centre simplifies IELTS in Kerala, India like no one else does!

OET Training in Trivandrum & Kochi

We provide coaching for OET in Trivandrum - both online OET coaching & classroom OET training in Trivandrum - for nurses who wish to work in U.K, Australia and New Zealand. Australia and Newzealand. With simple, powerful and effective strategies to conquer OET, experience the ease of passing the onerous OET exam only @ COSMO Trivandrum. We offer OET class timings ( regular & online coaching) which is most convenient for nurses who are working in different hospitals across Trivandrum, Kerala and Gulf countries like Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Qatar. For the finest OET preparation centre in Trivandrum or Kerala, look no further than COSMO Centre for OET Coaching Trivandrum , as we offer the finest training for OET courses in Kerala that would most surely exceed your expectations, with top class materials, impeccable coaching standards and inimitable OET faculty.( for both Online and Classroom Regular coaching.

Study Abroad Consultancy in Trivandrum

As the best study abroad consultant in Trivandrum (Kerala), we offer a wide variety of countries to the aspiring students ranging from Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand to Russia, Singapore et al. Becoming the best study abroad / overseas education consultant in Trivandrum, Kerala is not a mean feat and COSMO has attained that crown of No.1 overseas education consultancy so effortlessly through our relentless student- centric and customer focussed consulting. We keep in mind your interest and your interest only when it comes to selecting the best possible country and college for you to study abroad. COSMO Study Abroad / Overseas education consultancy Trivandrum is your best choice if you want to study in Canada US/ UK or study in Australia/ Newzealand. Pay us a visit and see it for yourself.

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